There are so many album covers for this album, it’s hard to know which was first. It has been bootlegged many times. But nevertheless the music is uniquely great.

Ace in the Hole

I Ain’t Getting Any Younger

HI HO Trailus Bootwhip

I Told Ya I Love Ya Now Get Out

What is This Thing Called Love

How High the Moon

Sometimes I’m Happy


Key Largo

It’s Different When It Happens to You

“Young Anita” another European Bootleg has a variety of music from 1945-52. This should get you started! AMAZON Sells this one.

1How High The Moon
2I Ain’t Gettin’ Any Younger
4Key Largo
6What Is This Thing Called Love?
7September In The Rain
8Jamaica Moon
9Don’t Kick It Around
10So Much Of Nothing To Do
11Poor Simple Simon
12Blues For Bojangles
13Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Heart
14Tennessee Waltz
15Yea Boo
16Something I Dreamed Last Night
17If I Could Steal You From Somebody Else
18You Took Advantage Of Me
19Once There Lived A Fool
20I Apologise
21Black Moonlight
22Lovesick Blues
This is the song list from Disc 4 of 4. Tracks 7-22 are from the late 40’s.

Black Moonlight recorded in 1950

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